Delta’s Deadly Surge: Deaths Rise Nearly 300% To 891 As New Cases More Than Doubles To 190k

Daily Mail

Delta’s deadly surge: Daily deaths rise nearly 300% to 891 and number of new cases more than doubles to 190k as Indian variant begins to hit the US


  • On Friday, 891 COVID-19 deaths were recorded compared to 321 deaths on Thursday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University 
  • The number of new cases also rose to 190,000 on Friday, compared to 78,170 on Thursday 
  • On Friday, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said he believed  up to 1 million Americans were infected 
  • If he is correct, it would mean four times as many people are becoming infected as during the peak of the previous surge, in January
  • Joe Biden on Friday warned Americans that new restrictions were likely
  • The CDC head Dr Rochelle Walensky said that a federal vaccination mandate was under consideration – but then backtracked on Twitter and denied it 
  • Health officials are urging vaccine-hesitant Americans to finally get the jab 
  • The COVID vaccinations have meant that only a tiny number of people – 6,500 out of 163 million – who are fully vaccinated have been hospitalized or killed by the virus 
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