5,895 Views /Comments: Sean Penn: “Hugo Chavez An Inspiration To Us All”

Sean Penn On Chavez: “An Inspiration.

Penn expressed admiration for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a candlelight vigil in Bolivia’s capital Monday.
Chavez was in Cuba for an operation to treat an unspecified cancer, with fears for his health across Latin America. 
Sean Penn: 2012: On Chavez, “An Inspiration.” Venezuela once a thriving nation now is a failed country without jobs, resources, food or medicine.  see below

In recent years citizens have been leaving in record numbers. They are willing to go to any neighboring country. Many are seeking refuge in the US. 

The speedy demise of this once successful capitalist nation can be laid on the shoulders of Socialism and the man who brought this failed doctrine to his once thriving country, Hugo Chavez. 

The uneducated, foolish actors who tout socialism have little to lose. Citizens of socialist countries forced to live under its wrath have nothing to gain.

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