LAPD Arrests Dozens Proud Boys / Antifa Clash

LAPD arrests dozens and fires rubber bullets after being attacked during violent transgender rights protest where members of Proud Boys and Antifa clashed outside of a Koreatown spa
Los Angeles police arrested dozens of people during a transgender rights protest and fired non-lethal projectiles to disperse the unruly mob that turned violent when Proud Boys and Antifa members clashed outside of a Koreatown spa.   

LAPD said in a statement on Twitter that smoke bombs and other projectiles were thrown at officers trying to break up the crowd, and stun guns, knives and pepper spray were confiscated.   

Videos emerged on social media showing police in full riot gear pushing protesters back with batons. Another video shows an officer firing a rubber bullet at someone from close range. 

The videos don’t include any information about what happened before or after the incidents. left messages for Los Angeles police for more information. 

Another video shows buildings covered in graffiti, and a Guardian reporter covering the protest claimed that she was shoved to the ground and attacked by a right-wing extremist who she was trying to interview. 

‘Just got thrown to the ground by right-wing anti-pedophile protesters as a crowd converged on me and chased me,’ Guardian reporter Lois Beckett said on Twitter with a video of the assault. 

‘They threw water at me and screamed about Jesus and said to grab my phone. Police would not let me through the police line but after I got thrown on the ground they did.’

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