5,044 Views/ Comments: Actor John Leguizamo: ‘Critical Race Theory Is My Whole Reason for Being’

John Leguizamo recently posted a series of videos in which he attempted to explain what critical race theory is and why concerned parents need to “calm the fuck down.”


In one video, which he captioned “Critical race theory is my whole reason for being,” the Hollywood star tried to downplay CRT as just a “bunch of legal scholarship and legal think-y talk.”

“No one is teaching this stuff to your young kids so calm the fuck down,” he said. “It’s pretty high brow college-level stuff. And if your kids go to college, they’re gonna defintely be exposed to this shit whether you agree with it no matter what you think. So again, calm the fuck down.”

But Leguizamo’s claim is false. The nation’s largest teachers union recently approved a plan to promote critical race theory in public schools in all 50 states, saying “we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.” The union later removed the language from its website following a public backlash.

As Breitbart News reported, a video clip released last month showed an Albemarle County, Virginia, school administrator saying parents cannot opt out a student from critical race theory lessons because they are “woven through” all class work.

Journalist Christopher Rufo recently reported on least 25 public school districts in 12 states that are teaching the book Not My Idea, which claims “whiteness” is the devil and pushes the idea that “whiteness” is a form of “stolen land and riches.”

Leguizamo said in the video that CRT tries to figure out “what systems are in place that fuck over minorities in the U.S. in subtle ways, rather than by full-on, in-your-face racism.”

He added: “Is it maybe because, like, a Latinx-er who can’t get a loan because he has no inherited property because his ancestors were dirt poor and possibly robbed of their wealth during the making of Texas and California, Nevada and Arizona so that white people can get ahead?”

In another Instagram video, which he said was shot from his tub, a shirtless Leguizamo claimed that people opposed to critical race theory are really just trying to ban “criticism of white people theory.”

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