22,526 Praises,”FleeBaggers”

Kamala Harris Praises Texas Democrats for Shirking Duties over Election Integrity Efforts


Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday praised the Texas Democrats who fled their state to avoid dealing with election integrity legislation, proclaiming the lawmakers are marching on the same path as those who fought and died for the right to vote.

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” Harris said during an appearance at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan.
“I will say that they are leaders who are marching in the path that so many others before did when they fought and many died for our right to vote,”

she stated, seemingly advancing the false left-wing narrative that Republicans are attempting to take away the right to vote by pursuing basic election integrity safeguards, such as enhanced ID requirements to vote by mail — something that was in Senate Bill 7, which Texas Democrats quashed in May by staging a walkout.

“I do believe that fighting for the right to vote is as American as apple pie. It is so fundamental to fighting for the principles of our democracy,” Harris added.

Her remarks come as the left continues to heap praise on Texas state Democrats for fleeing to Washington, D.C., in protest of the pursuit of election integrity measures, which Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) prioritized in his agenda for the special session:

Texas House votes to ARREST runaway Democrats for blocking voting rights bill: State Dems sing outside the Capitol and insist they are willing to go to jail after fleeing on private jets The State House in Texas voted  76-4 on Tuesday to arrest the runaway Democrats who fled to Washington

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