FREE CUBA: Cubans Ready To Rule Themselves Without Tyranny’

Cubans are ready to rule themselves without tyranny’: Miami mayor leads calls for US intervention in Cuba as thousands take to the streets of communist dictatorship

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez called on Biden administration to send troops to Cuba amid unrest on the island 

The Song That United Cuba:

Anti-government protests broke out across Cuba against food shortages and high prices. The country is facing its worst economic crisis in decades as Covid-19 cases rise. Images on social media showed crowds in Havana, the provincial town of San Antonio de los Banos and elsewhere. Large mobilizations against the regime are rare on the tightly-controlled island, which strictly curbs dissent. Cuban state media acknowledged the outbreak of anti-government demonstrations on Sunday and blamed the protests on its “neo-liberal” opponents.

“Those who fan these demonstrations don’t want the welfare of the people, but rather the privatization of health and education, and neo-liberalism,” state-controlled Prensa Latina cited President Miguel Diaz-Canel as saying. Cuba has faced growing hunger after its economy was hit by a slump in tourist revenue since the pandemic struck. The government last year introduced emergency economic reforms in response to the downturn, including eliminating some subsidies, adjusting prices and wages, and ending the dual currency system.

History Of America And Cuba

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