Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Makes Her High-Fashion Runway Debut in Paris

Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Makes Her High-Fashion Runway Debut in Paris

Not since Alice Truman played the piano and sang, (horribly)  for, “her captured audience in the White House” have so many semi-talented children painted and sauntered their way onto the gravy-train their parents created by obtaining political office.
Some will make a fortune, Biden’s son Hunters’ newly found talent could earn him millions from unidentified buyers of  his art doodling.
Now Kamala’s stepdaughter as wormed her way into modeling stardom.  Fashion week may never be the same. Next we could have a remake of Rin Tin Tin staring the remaining Biden German Shepard, Major. I hear he has recently signed with William Morris and is expecting to sign a three picture deal soon.

“Balenciaga couture, thank you/congrats to @demnagvasalia and the whole Balenciaga team truly amazing,” the 22-year-old model wrote on Instagram. Emhoff added several photos of her getup for the runway walk featuring the idiosyncratic and gender-fluid designs of the fashion house.

Emhoff has only been a model for a few months and she’s already been included in several high-profile gigs, including Balenciaga and New York Fashion Week. She added a modeling deal with IMG Models to her resumé and debuted her own line of knitwear earlier this year.

The flood of accolades and sudden success seems to be quietly raising eyebrows in the world of fashion, though. For instance, The Cut felt the need to explain why Emhoff was part of the Paris show, saying, “Her presence on the Balenciaga couture runway may have seemed like a big leap for someone so early in her career, but it actually made sense in context of couture.” It is because Balenciaga is a “gender-fluid” designer, they explained.

Sudden success has been the hallmark of Emhoff’s nascent modeling career. She became the “it” girl for some designers only after her stepmother, Kamala Harris, became vice president.

The plain-looking, rail-thin Emhoff was celebrated by the corporate media as a fashionista about a week after the Biden administration took office. Eight days after Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice president, Emhoff announced her modeling deal with IMG Models on January 28 of this year.

At the time, Ivan Bart, the president of IMG Models, said he was excited by photos Emhoff had posted to social media. One, in particular, showed her with armpit hair and a knitted teddy bear placard on her shirt.

It wasn’t long before Emhoff was strutting her stuff on the runway during New York’s Fashion Week in February.

The following month, Emhoff unveiled her own knitwear fashion line, as well.

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