Baltimore Police Bust ‘Ghost Gun’ Manufacturing Operation

Baltimore Police Bust ‘Ghost Gun’ Manufacturing Operation

“Ghost guns are a fairly new but extremely dangerous phenomenon,” said Special Agent in Charge for HSI Baltimore James Mancuso on Wednesday, according to WMAR-TV.
“This operation showcases what law enforcement agencies are capable of achieving when we work together. Criminals and those who refuse to obey the laws don’t stand a chance against a unified team of dedicated officers and agents working toward a common goal,” Mancuso said. “HSI will continue to partner with our law enforcement friends to keep our communities safe and bring those who violate that safety to justice.”

Jordan Jones, 19; Edward Miles, 29; Latoya McCoy, 39; and Norman Forrest, 39; were arrested and found with the illicit items, officials said.

“These dangerous firearms and drugs have no place in our city. The Baltimore Police Department and all of the partners that worked on this case are sending a strong message to those that wish to cause harm in our city, “We will find you and hold you responsible for the violence in our city,’” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison,

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