BREAKING NEWS: Massachusetts cops issue urgent ‘shelter-in-place’ warning after eight heavily armed men from a group ‘that does not recognize US laws’ fled into woodland during a traffic stop


Massachusetts police have issued an urgent shelter-in-place warning for residents in two towns near Boston after eight heavily armed men fled into woodland during a traffic stop. 

A state trooper spotted the men pulled over by the side of the I-95 between Wakefield and Reading at 1.30 on Saturday morning, and asked them for identification. 

The group were dressed in tactical-style gear and armed with both pistols and rifles. 

They refused to comply with orders to drop their weapons and subsequently ran into the woodland by the side of the road.  

The highway was subsequently closed down as officers from both the Massachusetts State Police and Wakefield Police Department scoured the area in search of the men. 

Two of them were subsequently captured and arrested, but the other six remain at large.  

Wakefield Police have issued a statement saying the men are ‘dangerous’ and ‘do not recognize US laws’. 

They are urging residents of Wakefield and Reading to ‘lock their doors and remain inside their homes’ as their hunt continues. 

The towns are located just 15 miles from downtown Boston, but police say city residents are currently not under threat.  

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