GOP Rep. Burgess: Costs from Border Problems ‘Going to Cripple’ Texas

Michael Burgess (R-TX) stated that the indirect, intangible costs arising from the problems on the border “are the ones that are really going to cripple the state.”

Burgess stated there are immediate and direct costs to the problems on the border, but “the indirect cost or the intangible costs are the ones that are really going to cripple the state. And look, all of those people that are coming in that now will be — under federal law, will be required to be taken into school districts, not just in Texas, but all over the country, and when we tried previously in the Biden administration to get an estimate of how that is going to impact our local school districts, for what do they need to be preparing and no one will look at that. No one will provide any data on those questions.”

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