“WE QUIT”, 50 Of Portland’s Best Walk Off The Job:

After months of being spit on by the people they defend and vilified by politicians across the nation, police officers are retiring in record numbers. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the city of Portland.

Police in this city have had to endure 100 straight nights of protests while the politicians call them “monsters.”

HeadlineJust the other day, 50 members of the Portland Police Bureau’s specialized crowd control unit, known as the Rapid Response Team, voted to resign from the team. All members resigned in protest as the politicians embrace a “criminal-first” agenda.

This scary trend represents a massive drain in law enforcement experience – this is decades of experience off the streets, leaving Portland residents less safe in their homes. This is what the radical left is hoping to do to your town next.

Dozens of Portland police officers resign from team that responds to protests after member is indicted

About 50 officers assigned to the Portland police department’s crowd control team resigned one day after one of the team’s officers was indicted for allegedly using his department-issued baton to assault a protester last summer.

The wholesale resignation of the police department’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) took place after a Multnomah County grand jury handed down an indictment Wednesday charging Officer Corey Budworth with fourth-degree battery. All the officers who resigned their positions on the team returned to their regular assignments.
Budworth is accused of shoving photographer Teri Jacobs to the ground and using a baton to strike her during a protest last August — an incident that was caught on video and posted to social media.
“It is my expectation, and the community’s expectation, that the City remains committed to public safety and effective police oversight. City leaders will continue working in partnership with Portlanders, community organizations and police leadership to reform our community safety system,” Wheeler said in a statement.
Davis said the resignations were not just a result of the indictment, but also “tremendous amounts of stress that has been placed on our entire organization and certainly the members or the (Rapid Response Team)” through more than 150 nights of unrest in the city.
“Our entire organization, and not even just our sworn staff but also our professional staff in the last 14 months has been put through something, none of us have ever seen in our careers and at a level, and an intensity that I don’t think any other city in the United States has experienced,” Davis said while committing to focusing on the staff’s well-being.
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