Schiff: “Republican Election Laws Are ‘Daggers Pointed at the Heart of Democracy”

Schiff said, “Well, I am certainly concerned with the use of the big lie to propel these state laws to disenfranchise people and particularly people of color.

As well to push these laws that would strip independent secretaries of state of their powers and give them over to someone appointed bipartisan legislatures. What the Republicans seem to be doing around the country is, number one, trying to decide the election by making it hard for people of color to vote. And number two, if the election still goes against them, to position themselves to overturn it, to be successful in overturning it in a way that they were not successful in the last election. These laws are just all daggers pointed at the heart of democracy. Anyone peddling the big lie is doing so at great risk to our whole system of checks and balances.”

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One thought on “Schiff: “Republican Election Laws Are ‘Daggers Pointed at the Heart of Democracy”

  • June 29, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Anyone who wants an illegal to vote is as stupid as Schiff. I would never want an outsider (illegal) deciding the fate of the American people.

    This is a perfect example of stupidity to believe that any American who wants to vote, CAN’T.

    The federalist papers warned against liberalism and anyone who has read these papers can see the detrimental impact as predicted.

    To vote, you must be alive, have some address somewhere, an ID Card, and the desire. The Democrats are simply looking for more votes and will tear down democracy to get it.

    I WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT THIS STUPID ANTI-AMERICAN PATH. I will alway , now fight, the democrats whenever I feel I should.


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