A Range of Programs’ Needed So Americans Won’t ‘Pull the Trigger’: Joe Biden: ‘

Joe Biden’s remarks on his strategy to prevent gun violence across the country:  “There is a range of programs” needed to keep Americans from pulling the trigger.

Reporter To Biden: “What  would be the “most effective thing that government can do to change the mindset of those who feel compelled to pull the triggers” of guns.”


Biden: By “being engaged in a whole range of programs. Everything from mental health programs” to start engaging with people earlier on and “letting them know there’s other options. We need to be “making sure that when a child is young, they have access to real education, they get started off on the right foot,”
“When someone gets out of prison, someone should be “making sure” they are not going to be “denied public housing” and therefore, “don’t have to go back under the bridge where they were living before, that they are able to get help for healthcare, et cetera.”
Most importantly Biden said we ought to be “Re-engaging them in the neighborhood, giving them some hope, some opportunity.”
“While you reengage people back “in the neighborhood” after they are released from prison, you also need to be “making sure that those folks who are taking advantage of them by taking advantage of their situation are in fact held accountable.”
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