“Noncitizens Can Vote” in 2 Vermont Cities: Legislature Overturns Gov’s Vetoes

Epoch Times:

Noncitizen legal residents will be able to vote in two cities in Vermont after the state Senate narrowly overrode Gov. Phil Scott’s vetoes of two bills earlier this month.

The Republican governor earlier this month vetoed two bills, H.177 and H.227, which are charter changes to allow noncitizen residents in Montpelier and Winooski to vote in local elections. He cited concerns that the measures would “create inconsistency in election policy” in municipalities across Vermont, and inadvertently create “separate and unequal classes of residents potentially eligible to vote on local issues.”

“Voters in Montpelier and Winooski came out in favor of legal resident noncitizen voting, and the legislature, after rigorous debate and deliberation, supported their ability to regulate their own local elections in this way,” Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint said in a statement Thursday. “Today, the Senate affirmed that decision, overriding the Governor’s vetoes on H.227 and H.177.”

Vermont House Speaker Jill Krowinski said in a written statement on Wednesday, “We have a rich history of Vermonters coming together in their cities, towns, and villages to work together and chart a path forward that works best for their communities.

“These charters expand local voting rights to residents of these respective communities, and these decisions were made by the voters after robust discussion and deliberation.”

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2 thoughts on ““Noncitizens Can Vote” in 2 Vermont Cities: Legislature Overturns Gov’s Vetoes

  • June 25, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Letting non citizens and illegals vote in US elections is a joke. You are going to ruin this country and send us straight to socialism. WE THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF!!

  • June 27, 2021 at 8:00 am

    How Can this B ? It just doesn’t make any sense, none. I look at these actions and wonder what I am missing, what point of view don’t I understand. And I walk away scratching my head!


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