Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’ Every Lobbyist, Tycoon, and Tyrant ‘Would Want a Piece


‘Art?’ “Every Lobbyist, Tycoon, and Tyrant ‘Would Wants a Piece’

Let’s admit it: Of all the ways that the son of a U.S. president might cash in on his family connection, we had never thought of having the presidential scion declare himself to be an artist, selling his artwork for sums of five or six figures–and maybe even more.  

Yet Hunter Biden, son of you-know-who, has thought of it and is moving fast to snag some big money. A June 14 report in Artnet had the scoop on Hunter’s ambitions and seemed to repay the scoop with a flatteringly aspirational headline: “We Spoke to Hunter Biden About His New Life as a Full-Time Artist, and His Personal Quest for ‘Universal Truth’ Through Painting.”

According to the article, Hunter is planning to sell his paintings through art dealer Georges Bergès, whose eponymous gallery boasts outlets in New York City and Berlin. And the price for each piece of art? According to Artnet, somewhere between $75,000 and $500,000. Nice work if you can get it! 

Over the course of his 51 years on earth, Hunter Biden has been known for many things—and Breitbart News has closely chronicled his many errancies—but he’s never been known as an artiste. However, he’s now poised to be nouveaux riche.  

In the words of another art dealer, Alex Acevedo: “Anybody who buys [one of Hunter’s paintings] would be guaranteed instant profit.” As Acevedo explained, “He’s the president’s son. Everybody would want a piece of that.”  We might pause over those last words, which perhaps get to the heart of the matter: Everybody would want a piece of that.  

Acevedo further added: “The provenance is impeccable.’’  We can note that the fancy-French word provenance is typically applied to the artwork itself to signify whether or not the genuineness of the work is provable. And yet in this case, the provenance in question seems to refer to the artist himself; it’s all about the DNA, not the brushstrokes.   

Acevedo even suggested that the price of a single Biden painting could reach $1 million. Okay, so that’s a lot of money.   And yet for context, the federal government will spend nearly $5 trillion this year—and that’s really a lot of money.  

Given the stakes involved, what Washington, D.C., lobbyist—at least those interested in currying favor with the Biden administration—wouldn’t be well advised to own a Hunter Biden Original? And the same holds true for many others who might need Uncle Sam for something: tycoons, tyrants, and anyone else who wants a “piece”—to use Acevedo’s apt phrase—of the Biden family pie.  

Yet at the same time, some Hunter art-acquirers might be publicity-shy. For whatever reason, they might wish that their purchase of a Hunter painting remain a secret. If so, not to worry because, as Fox Business helpfully reported, buyers from the Georges Bergès Gallery can, if they wish, be kept confidential.

In other words, if you’re a millionaire or billionaire art purchaser, and you don’t want anyone to know that you’re sending money Hunter’s way, that’s okay. It will be kept anonymous. (Of course, even in a private sale, it’s quite possible that Hunter himself would know who bought his painting—and it’s possible that the son of the president might be grateful and might wish somehow to express his gratitude.)

The Road to Riches  

As we know, Hunter has rode a hard road from dismissed Navy officer, to shamed lobbyist and international financier, to drug addict with a laptop, to now artiste. And yet Hunter is doing okay, in part to his doting father and in no small part because he has had a little help from his friends. 

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