BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein extradited to LA

BREAKING NEWS: Harvey Weinstein is extradited from New York to LA to face sex assault charges

Harvey Weinstein is en route to Los Angeles after being extradited to face rape and sexual assault charges. 

The disgraced Hollywood producer, 69, was put on a plane from New York on Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have been seeking his transfer on charges of assaulting five women in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills between 2004 to 2013.  

Weinstein was charged in California in a criminal complaint before being indicted by a grand jury. 

He is facing 11 counts of rape and sexual assault, which could carry a maximum sentence of 140 years. 

Weinstein maintains his innocence and contends that any sexual activity was consensual. 

His attorneys had been fighting his extradition, claiming he shouldn’t be moved from his current prison in New York because of ongoing medical treatment. 

His lawyer did not disclose the conditions in open court during a hearing last month but prosecutors mentioned that he was seeking treatment from an eye doctor.  

‘We’re not trying to avoid a trial,’ his lawyer told the judge. ‘He will be ready to go to LA when the jury selection begins.’  

Erie County assistant district attorney Colleen Gable hit back, saying: ‘It’s Los Angeles. It’s not some remote outpost that doesn’t have medical care.

‘There is absolutely nothing in either doctor’s report that says this treatment can’t be done in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has some of the best medical care in the country and the world.’  

The judge rejected the arguments and ordered that he should be extradited this month.  

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence in New York’s Wende Correctional Facility after a jury found him guilty in March 2020 of rape and sexual assault. 

He was convicted of raping an aspiring actress in a New York City hotel room in 2013 and sexually assaulting a production assistant at his apartment in 2006 by forcibly performing oral sex on her. 

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