Americans, “HAVE HAD IT” With “Out-Of-Touch Celebs Deranged Hollywood Wokism”: They Tear into Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry, “Video Democrat Voting Reform Prevents Dystopian World”

Perry’s multi-slide post included one about what was ‘at stake,’ and said that nearly 400 bills that restrict voting have already been introduced in 48 of the 50 states in the United States. HR-1 aims to counter these. 

The PSA was made in partnership with the grassroots anti-corruption organization RepresentUs, who have been backed by a number of other Hollywood figures such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Helms, Adam McKay and Erik Feig. 

The ominous video begins with the couple desperately cuing up a PSA system to reach the nation in present day, and hair and makeup has transformed the couple into more haggard versions of themselves as both sport stringy grey hair and prosthetics, with tattered clothing. 

‘We’ve got to tell them,’ Perry begins, as the video system successfully transmits across screens in America. ‘You are are only hope. The America you know doesn’t exist in our future. Democracy is dead. We have no voice. The Regime watches our every move,’ Bloom warns. 

And the singer again takes over: ‘It started when voter suppression ran wild all over America. The voting rights bills died in the Senate, polling places closed. We lost our right to vote,’ she pleads.   

‘This future doesn’t have to be. You have the power to change it. Save democracy while you can,’ Bloom adds, as Katy says ‘call your senator now.’

The pair then makes a nod to their nine-month old daughter as they sign off ‘Tell Daisy we love her.’ 

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