Macron seals his bromance with a laughing Joe Biden – and takes a swipe at Trump

Macron seals his bromance with a laughing Joe Biden – and takes a swipe at Trump – as he praises him for being ‘part of the club’ and ‘willing to cooperate’ and insists America is ‘definitely’ back

Daily Mail:

‘The sun is shining, we’re on this beach, I’m well,’ Biden said. ‘And I’m with the president of France, that makes me even feel better.’ 

‘Things are going, I think, well and we’re – as we say back in the States – we’re on the same page,’ he noted. 

The two leaders sparked attention on Friday when, after they posed for a family photo with other members of the G7, they walked off the beach location with their arms around each other.

Macron even got in a swipe at former President Donald Trump in his remarks, when he fawned over Biden as being ‘part of the club.’

‘What you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership. I think it’s great to have the US president part of the club, and very willing to cooperate,’ Macron said as Biden sat beside him, smiling and nodding.

The two men met on the sidelines of the G7 summit, which took place at the picturesque Cabris Bay in Southern England.  The vibes between them were as warm as the sunny British day with Biden, at times, roaring his head back with laughter at Macron’s words. 

When reporters asked Biden if ‘America is back’ – the phrase the White House has used repeatedly on his trip – Biden pointed to Macron and said ‘ask him.’ 

‘Definitely,’ the French president responded.  

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