Boehner: Trump Doesn’t Have ‘That Kind of Support’ Anymore

Boehner: We Won’t See Another Attack Like 1/6 — Trump Doesn’t Have ‘That Kind of Support’ Anymore
Anchor Alisyn Camerota said, “Donald Trump is obsessed with the 2020 election. He’s obsessed with the so-called audits that are going on in some counties around the country.

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times just reported this week that he is telling people he will be reinstated as president in August. What are your thoughts?”

Boehner said, “Listen, we had an election. I’ve been through many elections and have been involved in many elections over the last 40 years. I heard what the president said day after day, and I kept looking for facts, evidence. Never did I see any evidence, nor did any judge see enough evidence to turn any of these elections over. Then each state has to certify these elections, and typically, these certification committees, if you will, are bipartisan, and they all certified the election in terms of who won that state. Listen, Joe Biden won the election. It’s very clear. I said it several days after the election because it was clear to me then.”

Camerota said, “But Speaker, you’re being very rational. Everything you’re saying, you’re being rational, you’re being fact-based. But the problem is Donald Trump’s rabid supporters believe what he says, and I’m just wondering, do you think that it’s possible that we’ll see another attack like we saw on January 6th as a result?”

Boehner said, “No, I don’t think we’re going to see another attack. There were a lot of Trump supporters there, and frankly, some radical right-wing groups used Donald Trump’s supporters to cause an insurrection at the Capitol. One of the saddest days in American history. I don’t think we’re going to see that again.”

Camerota said, “Why not? Why wouldn’t we see that again?”

Boehner said, “Listen, there’s some people that might believe the president and his musings, but most people in America are pretty rational about what happened. They’ve seen the evidence like I have, like you have. It just doesn’t appear to me that he has that kind of support going forward.”

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