“Honey A Fish Took My Wedding Ring”: Really

Snorkeler Spots Groom’s Lost $1,000 Wedding Band Around Mullet Fish in Australia

Married couple Suzie Quintal and Nathan Reeves from the Gold Coast were visiting the island over Christmas, and while swimming, Reeves noticed his wedding ring was gone.

“He tried to look for it and then broke the news to me, and I was not happy,” Suzie told Daily Mail Australia. The ring was lost just one day before the couple’s second wedding anniversary.

On May 10th notified thru a Facebook page; the ring had resurfaced.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve got a few friends on the island and they’re pretty adamant that they’ll find it,” she said, adding that the little fish trapped by the band of gold was her main concern.

The only way to retrieve the ring, and free the fish, though, is to somehow catch the mullet and carefully remove the band.

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