“NO WOKE COKE” IN NC. County BANS COKE From Vending Machines Protesting Coke’s ‘woke’ Stance On GA Voting Law

A North Carolina county has axed Coca-Cola vending machines from its office buildings in protest over the company’s ‘woke’ stance on a Georgia voting law.

Van Tucker, a Surry County commissioner, told Fox News on Friday that he decided to remove the county’s 12 vending machines after Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey criticized a Georgia voting bill signed into law in April.

Tucker described the controversial Georgia voting law as a way for the Peach State to ensure a ‘fair and free’ election – though critics have called the law an attempt at voter suppression and claim it unfairly restricts minorities from voting.

The county’s Board of Commissioners, its legislative body, passed the ban with a 3-2 vote at a meeting on May 17. Surry County was won by former President Donald Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

‘I didn’t want that to be contagious across other state. And you know I felt so strongly about it and our board did – we decided to just step up and say something and do something about it,’ Tucker told Fox News.

Ed Harris, another county commissioner, wrote a letter to Quincey obtained by NBC News in which he slammed the CEO for  ‘corporate political commentary favoring the Democratic party.’

‘Our Board felt that was the best way to take a stand and express our disappointment in Coca-Cola’s actions, which are not representative of most views of our citizens,’ Harris wrote to Quincey. 

‘Our Board hopes that other organizations across the country are taking similar stances against Coca-Cola and sincerely wishes that future marketing efforts and comments emanating from your company are more considerate of all your customers’ viewpoints.’

The vending machine spat comes after Quincey wrote in a blog post for Coca-Cola, which is headquartered in Atlanta, that he was ‘disappointed’ that the voting law had passed in Georgia.

The new law makes it a misdemeanor to hand out ‘any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink’ to anyone standing in line to vote. The prohibition extends 150 feet from a polling place and 25 feet from any person standing in line.

Advocates of the law say they are attempting to crack down on political organizations or advocacy groups trying to influence voters just before they cast a ballot. 

Critics say it’s cruel and would penalize even nonpartisan groups or individuals for something as simple as giving water to someone waiting in a long line.

Coca-Cola’s Georgia voting law stance came under fire as the latest example of ‘woke capitalism,’ the term used to describe huge corporations getting involved in progressive issues.


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