WATCH: Palestinian Government Releases Video: People Trampling American Flag

WATCH: Palestinian Government Releases Video of People Trampling American Flag

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a watchdog organization that monitors the Palestinian media, reported:

During the recent violent Arab riots in Jerusalem and mixed Jewish-Arab cities, and Hamas’ launching of thousands of rockets against Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Culture released a song against “normalization” with Israel. Part of the music video shows different people marching in protest and stomping on the US and Israeli flags.

The video is still live, as of Tuesday, on the PA Ministry of Culture’s YouTube channel, with the trampling repeated several times:

PMW noted that just days later, U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken visited the PA leadership in Ramallah and promised millions of dollars in U.S. aid to rebuild Gaza, on top of hundreds of millions of dollars that the Biden administration has already committed to the Palestinians, despite U.S. law that blocks funding while the PA still pays stipends to terrorists and their families. The Biden administration also wants to reopen a consulate in Jerusalem catering to the Palestinians.

According to PMW, the Arabic lyric being sung over images of the U.S. flag being trampled is: “This is the declaration of the nation, you must hear it / Our history will have no mercy on those who normalized [relations with Israel].”

The video also appears to attack the Abraham Accords, a set of recent peace agreements between Arab states and Israel.

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