Laura Ingraham: Book Exposing ‘How China Has Infiltrated American Media’

This Book Exposes, “How China Has Infiltrated American Media”

“Alex, your book is fantastic,” Ingraham concluded. “Everyone, before you think that you understand an issue, and you kind of brush off the concerns that we’re talking about, read this book because you’ll see that when something pops up on your screen as fact, you have to look at who owns it, when they bought it, who’s invested in it, and what their political affiliations [are].”

“Alex, you have been all over this — the conflicts of interest,” Ingraham remarked,” [and] about how China has completely infiltrated American media with dollars, research money, advertising dollars, threats of travel restrictions and so forth … and you uncover this as it relates to the billionaires in this country and their connection.”

She observed Hollywood’s refusal to produce documentaries or other films depicting China’s communist history:

 One of the reasons it happens is because we have a media that is not independent — forget objective — not even independent of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]. We find out that the CCP — China — has spent billions of dollars over the years in advertising in the United States … in publications that desperately need ad dollars. I’m talking Time magazine, some newspapers, magazines like the Atlantic. So they buy their way into the United States, and these journalists become little pieces of putty. 

Just like Hollywood’s not going to offend China by doing a powerful documentary about what’s happened to the religious minorities in China [or] what’s happened to traditional religious expression. Forget it. They’re not going to do that. They’ll never do that movie, just like they’re never going to do a movie about Mao, a real one. 

Can you imagine that film about Mao? Sixty million people dead. How many movies have we had about World War II?  How about the Great Leap Forward? How about extermination of millions and millions and millions of Chinese? They’re not going to do it. 

Their silence is bought. 


Laura Ingraham lauded Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption Thursday as a “fabulous” book exposing, among other things, the Chinese government’s influence over American news media outlets.

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