“Reporter To DeSantis”: Did You Create Florida’s. “Big Tech Censorship Law”, Just To Help Trump?

Standing Up To Liberal Media: DeSantis verbally shuts down liberal reporter when asked about Floridas’ new “Censorship Law”
DeSantis Signs Big Tech ‘Censorship’ Law, But Experts Question Whether Florida Can Enforce It

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that seeks to punish social media platforms that remove “conservative ideas” from their sites, though it is not clear if it would pass constitutional muster because it might violate the First Amendment.

The new law will enable the state to fine large social media companies $250,000 a day if they remove an account of a statewide political candidate, and $25,000 a day if they remove an account of someone running for a local office. It takes effect July 1.\

Federal law prevents internet companies from being sued for removing posts and federal law trumps state law when there is a conflict.

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