‘I think you’re misunderstanding the process’: Psaki snaps at reporter during grilling on COVID origins

White House press secretary Jen Psaki lost her patience with Fox News’ Peter Doocy at Monday’s press briefing as he pressed her on whether the Biden administration was doing enough to expose the origins of COVID-19, after Dr. Fauci questioned where the virus originated. 
Doocy: ‘With 589,920 dead Americans at what point does President Biden say we don’t want to wait for the WHO effort, we don’t know what they’re doing, this needs to be an American-led effort to get to the bottom of what happened?’ Doocy asked. 
Psaki: ‘I think you’re misunderstanding how this process actually works,’ she told the him, and said, “The Biden administration was relying on the World Health Organization to conduct an independent investigation – even though their report already dismissed the lab leak claims.”
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