Georgia School District Prohibits Critical Race Theory

Georgia State Representative Brad Thomas (R),  told the board that his bill to NOT allow Critical Race to be taught in Georgia Public schools has already garnered support from lawmakers from both chambers and that he hopes to complete the drafting of the bill within six to eight weeks.
“I was quite disturbed with what I found out about critical race theory. It draws undeniable parallels from Marxist ideologies, it’s a disaster. CRT flies in the face of American core values and that is because it focuses on skin color instead of focusing on what’s important and that is content and character,” Thomas said during the meeting.

Meanwhile, some Cherokee County parents also spoke in favor of teaching equity in schools, saying that, “The census shows this community, despite what people say, is not very diverse.”

The board meeting comes on the same day Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) wrote a letter to the state Board of Education opposing the teaching of the doctrine.

“Over the last several weeks, I have heard from parents, students, administrators, and educators across our state who are extremely concerned about the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Georgia,” Kemp wrote.

“Like me, they are alarmed this divisive and anti-American curriculum is gaining favor in Washington, D.C. and in some states around the country.”

He asked the state Board of Education to prevent the theory from ever being taught in Georgia schools.

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