“WE WON”, Hamas Declares ‘Victory’ As It Holds Massive Funerals

Both Sides Declare Victory Threatened Quick Resumption Of Hostilities If Situation Deteriorates

Despite the clashes the truce held, with no rocket or bombing attacks reported. 

Both sides have declared victory and threatened to quickly resume hostilities if the situation deteriorates again – with Benjamin Netanyahu saying he is ready to respond ‘with a new level of force’.

Meanwhile Hamas said ‘our finger is on the trigger’ if Israel crosses a ‘red line’, pointing to violence around Al-Aqsa mosque as an example.

Netanyahu is facing criticism from his right-wing base that fighting with Hamas was ended too early, before the IDF was able to take out any of its top targets in Hamas’s leadership.

But the Israeli Prime Minister hit back in a speech, saying Hamas had paid ‘a heavy price’ while claiming 200 fighters had been killed in Israeli airstrikes and shelling that had also destroyed 62 miles of tunnels and severely limited the group’s abilities to launch rocket attacks.

He said Israel had done ‘daring and new things, and this without being dragged into unnecessary adventures.’ He added that Israeli forces had caused ‘maximum damage to Hamas with a minimum of casualties in Israel.’   

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One thought on ““WE WON”, Hamas Declares ‘Victory’ As It Holds Massive Funerals

  • May 22, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    1400 years of massive death to non-believers in the name of Allah.
    What changed? Nothing. This will not cease – it is winner take all in this situation it’s an ugly truth but the same truth with Nazism and Japanese Bushido under Herihito.


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