Mores Tears From The Squad: A Tearful Try To Block Arms Sale to Israel

Mores Tears From The Squad: Israel Under FIRESTORM Of Rockets: AOC, Tlaib Tearfully Try To Block Arms Sale to Israel
This is not the first time these two cried their way thru a request to their colleges: They did the same when Trump was president and the media showed photos of children at the border: 

Their tears quickly dried when Biden’s border crisis escalated far beyond Trumps and the time for tears apparently was over. Even though the number of children at the border far exceeded what they initially cried so heart wrenchingly about in front of their fellow congressman.

When Biden was elected the crisis escalated: Kennedy apparently did stop, “Unseeing what she had seen”

AOC has not visited the border since Biden was elected nor has Tlaib or Omar. The Squad has been tearfully silent until now: 

Now they return with the tissue in hand to cry again. Buckets of “crocodile tears” hoping to convince their colleges sending arms to Israel is a bad idea and “we have the tears to prove it.”  

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) announced a resolution to block a $735 million sale of U.S. precision-guided bombs to Israel, even as Palestinian Hamas terrorists continued to fire barrages of rockets at Israeli civilians on Wednesday.

The $735 million arms deal was arranged before the current war between Israel and Hamas, and includes “Joint Direct Attack Munition variants and Small Diameter Bomb Increment I variants,” according to a Times of Israel report on the resolution.


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