Biden Slams Trump For ‘Not Doing A Damn Thing’ To Help Rebuild Infrastructure

This sucker’s quick’: Biden takes new electric Ford truck for a high-speed test drive after slamming Trump for ‘not doing a damn thing’ to help rebuild infrastructure

Daily Mail:

‘I’d sure like to drive it,’ Biden said. ‘I wonder whether or not I can lose the Secret Service and go out to the track.’ 

He didn’t ditch the Secret Service but he did make a stop at the testing track and get to drive a grey-ish version of the vehicle.

He ran to the podium to make his remarks and introduced himself as: ‘My name is Joe Biden and I’m a car guy.’ 

He used his speech to blast Donald Trump, saying his predecessor did nothing on infrastructure.

Biden mocked Trump for talking about infrastructure week without passing any legislation on the issue.

‘They announced infrastructure week and they announced it and announced it and announced it and announced it. Every week for four years and didn’t do a damn thing,’ he said at the Ford factory in Dearborn, Michigan.

Infrastructure became something of a running joke in the Trump years with Trump and his officials touting it as an area they could work with Democrats on – yet no progress was made on the matter.

Biden has yet to make any progress either. The president announced a $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan with a heavy focus on infrastructure but Republicans denounced its high price tag and its focus on other items, such as money for schools and the climate.  

In his remarks, he outlined the future he envisions for the United States, with his infrastructure plan as a way to tackle climate change and create jobs.

‘If we act to save the planet we can create millions good paying jobs, generate significant economic growth opportunity to raise the standard for people not only here, but around the world,’ Biden said.

He argued the future of autos is electric and said the United States can’t let China beat them in the new future of the industry.

‘Right now, China is leading in this race,’ he said. 

China is one of the fastest growing markets for electric vehicles. Chinese manufacturers have started selling them in Europe.  

‘They will not win this race. We will not let them,’ he said. 

‘Folks, the rest of the world is moving fast, or moving ahead, they’re not waiting for the United States of America. Government, labor and industry working together have to step up and we have a playbook that will work,’ Biden added.

He said he’d reverse the Trump administration’s roll back of vehicle emissions. His infrastructure plan includes $174 billion in funding for electric vehicles, charging stations, and incentives for consumer purchases.

He noted his meetings with Republicans on infrastructure and expressed optimism both sides could come together on a deal.

‘We believe we can find a bipartisan deal and infrastructure. And we look forward to hearing more details of their proposal and submit counterproposal either later today or tomorrow, but we make one thing clear. We’ll compromise, but doing nothing is not an option, doing nothing is not an option,’ he said.

But Biden wants to pay for his plan with a new tax on corporations, which Republicans call a non starter.  The president wants to raise the corporate income tax from 21% to 28%.

Republicans proposed a smaller, more scaled back plan that focuses on traditional infrastructure. They would pay for it with a combination of user fees, including for electric vehicles, and on redirecting unspent federal dollars. 

Biden argues all the elements in his plan pertain to the national infrastructure.

He has said he’d like to see progress by Memorial Day.

He stopped the truck by the reporters traveling with him and stuck his head out of the window, wearing his signature aviator sunglasses: ‘This sucker’s quick,’ he said. 

The president said the truck goes 0-60 in about 4.4 seconds. He then floored it with a Secret Service agent sitting beside him. The president eventually turned around and honked as he drove by the reporters.  

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