NYTimes: Biden Opens U.S. Border to the Globe’s Economic Migrants

Welcome All, To The New Borderless USA. "Our Borders Are open To the Entire World." said Rep. Jody Hice

New York Times: Biden and his deputies have opened the nation’s southern border to a growing wave of economic migrants from Brazil, India, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other countries.
“Agents have stopped people from more than 160 countries,” the newspaper reported, adding:

More than 12,500 Ecuadoreans were encountered in March, up from 3,568 in January. Nearly 4,000 Brazilians and more than 3,500 Venezuelans were intercepted, up from just 300 and 284, respectively, in January. The numbers in coming months are expected to be higher.

“Most are simply being released to nonprofit aid centers, where they spend a day or two before traveling to join friends and relatives elsewhere in the United States,” the New York Times admitted.

The migrants are driven by economic factors, the Times acknowledged:

… large numbers of migrants have been driven to the U.S. border by economic hardship in their home countries, and now the pandemic has widened that circle. Though no records are kept at the border on the reasons people have cited in choosing to move, interviews with many of those arriving at the border, along with Border Patrol officials, shelter operators and immigration scholars, suggested that the job collapse brought about by the coronavirus — coupled with the Biden administration’s more welcoming policies — is driving much of the new surge.

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