Night Of 1,000 Bombs: Netanyahu: ‘Hamas Paying Very Heavy Price’

The Night Of 1,000 Bombs: 'Most Devastating Assault On Gaza Ever. 'Netanyahu: 'Hamas Will Pay A Very Heavy Price':
  • More than 1,000 bombs and shells pounding northern and eastern areas in the heaviest attacks of the conflict so far
  • IDF stated troops were on the ground in Gaza, Then retracted: Destroying Hamas tunnels along the border but have not yet crossed it.
  • nvasion could happen at any time; thousands of troops move to the border and 9,000 reservists called up. 
  • Hamas continues to fire hundreds of rockets at Israel from Gaza: 
  • Rockets fired from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, all of fell short
  • Clashes in Israeli-Arab city of Lod, fighting in Jaffa and Umm al-Fahm
  • IDF jets struck what they called underground rocket sites and observation posts around Gaza.

Artillery pounded northern and eastern parts of Gaza with more than 1,000 bombs and shells overnight. The IDF said it had carried out a ‘complex’ operation to destroy Hamas tunnels underneath Gaza City, which the military refers to as ‘the Metro’.

9,000 Israeli reservists called up, and Palestinians beginning to evacuate homes along the frontier.  An invasion would mark a major escalation in the violence and likely send the death toll soaring. 

Currently death toll stands at 119 Palestinians killed, including 31 children and 19 women, with 830 wounded. Nine Israelis have been killed, including one soldier and a six-year-old boy. 

Hamas fired 220 rockets in response, from Gaza at cities in Israel overnight, the IDF said, and was joined by three rockets fired from Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon – all three fell short. 

Attacks continue, Israeli jets strike what the IDF called underground rocket sites in Gaza City and Hamas watchtowers.

Sirens sounded on the Israeli side of the border as Hamas attacked with suicide drones. Several Israeli troops were injured in a knife attack near the West Bank city of Ofra.

Street clashes took place overnight in the mixed Israeli-Arab city of Lod. A synagogue burned to the ground. A 19-year-old IDF solider was also badly beaten in the Tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa and a Jewish family were attacked inside their car in Umm al-Fahm.

Far-right Jewish groups call for attacks on Arabs and their businesses in the cities of Be’er Sheva and Ramle, according to Israeli news site Ynet

Calls for deescalation from world leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed today that there would be no let-up in attacks.

‘I said we would extract a very heavy price from Hamas. We are doing that, and we will continue to do that with heavy force,’ he said.  
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