BREAKING: Elise Stefanik, IN Liz Cheney, OUT

BREAKING NEWS: House Republicans elect Trump-backed Elise Stefanik, To No. 3 Leadership Post Replacing Liz Cheney


House Republicans elected Rep. Elise Stefanik to their leadership team on Friday in attempt to close the door on Liz Cheney and her public battle with former President Donald Trump.

She won 134-46 in a secret ballot vote. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy announced her victory.

Stefanik, 36, is a vocal supporter of Trump and, in replacing Cheney with her as their GOP Conference Chair, Republicans are making it clear they stand with the former president heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

McCarthy and his team have made it clear they are looking to Trump’s ardent supporters to help them win back control of the House next year.

The GOP leader made it clear after the vote his focus will be on defeating Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden. 

‘We got a lot of work to do in this conference, the policies of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are destroying this nation,’ McCarthy said, attacking Biden’s border policy and the rising gas prices in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline hack.  

Stefanik was elected after fighting off a last-minute, long-shot challenge from Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, who challenged her conservative credentials.

Roy, in announcing his challenge to Stefanik, said she didn’t have the conservative bona fides to represent the party.

‘There’s a lot of hunger in the conference for slowing down, thinking through this doing the right thing, making sure that we’re advancing the right policies in the right message,’ he told reporters on Capitol Hill on Friday ahead of the vote.

Fellow conservative Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado formally nominated Roy for the position and touted his voting record, mentioning the progressive squad in comparison: ‘If we were picking the Republican most likely to join the squad, it would be a different story.’

Rep. Lauren Boebert seconded the nomination and complained the election process was too rushed.

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