Biden SD:”Hard Not to Feel’ Suffering of Palestinians in Hamas Rocket Barrage”

Ned Price spokesman for the State Department told reporters he witnessed photos of Palestinian children killed amid a barrage of rocket fire from Hamas, and a response from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and “hard not to look at those pictures and feel a sense of the suffering.”

Price called for, “restraint and de-escalation in an effort to preserve life,” according to the Times of Israel.

“Reports of civilian deaths are something that we regret and would like to come to a stop. We don’t want to see provocations,” Price said. “The provocations we have seen have resulted in a deeply lamentable loss of life.”

“We call for restraint and for calm. Israel has the right to defend itself and to respond to rocket attacks,” Price said. “The Palestinian people also have the right to safety and security, just as Israelis do.”

Hundreds of rockets were launched by Hamas terrorists  into Israel, particular near the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  The Iron Dome system intercepted most of the incoming rockets, then launching a coordinated attack on terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. The IDF claimed its attacks killed 15 Hamas terrorists and several civilians also died during the operation, but those hit died as a result of failed attempts to fire rockets back into Israel by Hamas.

Hamas claimed to have confirmed 23 deaths in Gaza and 107 injuries. Three of the dead were children – the children referenced by Price during his briefing – which the IDF blamed Hamas rocket fire for killing.

Price said “Secretary of State Antony Blinken had spoken to Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and his deputy Wendy Sherman had spoken to her counterpart in the Israeli government, as well.”

“It was not immediately clear who he was referring to as Israel does not have a deputy foreign minister,” the Times of Israel noted.

Price also claimed Joe Biden was in contact with Palestinian leaders.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attacks, claiming they are retribution for an IDF operation.

“Now, in fulfillment of our promise, the Al-Qassam Brigades has launched the largest missile strike on Tel Aviv and its environs, with 130 missiles, in response to the enemy’s targeting of civilian high-rises,” a statement by the jihadist organization posted on the encrypted messaging application Telegram read, according to the Times of Israel.

The current violence appears to have originated with Palestinian mob attacks last Friday, the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Israeli officials uncovered a stockpile of weapons at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque after mob violence erupted in the city, indicating premeditated action prior to what had originally appeared to be spontaneous violence. The weapons stash included fireworks and items like rocks and stone slabs.

Price appeared to stumble when asked to elaborate on his statement that American officials “recognize Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and to defend its people and its territory.”

“This is a very fluid situation,” Price said when asked if the “right to defend itself” included targeting Hamas outposts in Gaza. “I would hesitate to comment on operations beyond the rocket fire that is clearly targeting innocent civilians in Israel. So I would hesitate to speak to specific operations that have just occurred, but the broader principle of self-defense is something we stand by on behalf of Israel and every other country.”

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