Arab Citizens Riot in Israel; Attack Jewish Neighbors, Synagogues

Arab Citizens Riot in Israel; Attack Jewish Neighbors, Synagogues

The attack, which is being called a “pogrom” (mob violence against Jews) is one of the worst experienced in the region since the 1930s, in the days before Israeli statehood, when Palestinian Arab leader incited locals to attack Jewish communities.

It has been accompanied by Arab riots against Jews in other cities, including in the coastal towns of Acre and Jaffa.

Police have struggled to contain the violence. The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday:

Intense Arab rioting is reported in the Arab-Jewish cities of Ramle and Lod tonight, after hours of unrest.

Channel 12 reports that three synagogues and numerous shops have been set on fire in Lod, and dozens of cars have been set alight. The network says police are escorting some terrified Jewish residents from homes in Lod.

Lod resident Shiloh Fried tells Channel 12: “Gangs of Arab youths are going street to street, burning stores, smashing windows… Jewish families are huddled at home, terrified of going out… Their cars are being set alight outside… Police are nowhere to be seen.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a state of emergency in Lod, following an emergency meeting with his Cabinet about the violence.

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