‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church

Canadian Gestapo, Like a pack of wolves hid waiting for the pastor to leave his church. Then the grabbed him put him on the ground and arrested him: His crime:

‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church

They were much smarter this time: The last time they tried to arrest him in his church and he threw them out: He shamed them to the street where they left, bruised from his taunting. embarrassed  by his words.

The arrest of Pawlowski and his brother occurred just days after Canada’s Health Gestapo “obtained a Court of Queen’s Bench Order that applies to gatherings, including protests, demonstrations and rallies,” Fox News reported.

“The order imposes new restrictions on organizers of protests and demonstrations, requiring compliance with public health orders including masking, physical distancing, and attendance limits.”
Canada’s far, far, “left” media were swift to throw blame his way:

Word on the street:The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), was tipped off to the arrest, perhaps this is why CBC photographer Rod Maldaner just happened to be on the scene when the arrest occurred.

In a now-deleted tweet the Nazi-With-A-Camera celebrated the arrest and, naturally, passed along fake news:

“This is the image of the day. Pastor Artur Pawlowski being arrested today in Calgary. Being a jerk has its consequences. He doesn’t seem to be laughing now. I bet he’s yelling #GETMEOUT. “
Impressive, “journalism” comrade, that  photo of Arthur Pawlowski, was a photo of his brother.

See the original Easter video of Pawlowski throwing, “nazi’s” from his Easter Service:

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