Jimmy Carter & Joe Biden; “Peas’ In A Pod”

Jimmy Carter And Joe Biden: Peas In A Pod
If you like Jimmy Carter; You’re gonna LOVE Joe Biden. 

The similarities are almost eerie: Jimmy Carter other than being the Gov. of Georgia did very little in government before running for president. In fact when he told his mother he was going to run for president her response: “President of what?” 

Joe Biden spent 47 years in government doing nothing and other than his outrageously unfair,  “Crime Bill” he did little else. 

Carter was extremely weak on foreign policy: His decision to  end “covert activities” in Iran: took out, our long time ally, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the Shah of Iran and in 1979 replaced that loyal ally with: Ayatollah Khomeini: We are still paying for Carter’s weakness: Iran is considered the largest exporter of  international terror in the world. 

Biden’s biggest mistakes are in front of him but the indications are they are coming at him like a runaway freight train: Playing “nice” with terrorist is a foolish and dangerous game.

To the eyes of the world Biden’s negotiations with Iran, Russia and China have made him look weak. The “hat In hand” agreement being penned is one not from strength, but out of weakness. 

When a leader is perceived to be weak the sharks in the world notice.

The Colonial Pipeline cyber attack is presumed to be from Russia:  If this attack is  Russian in origin this goes beyond cyber rattling it is a declaration of war.  Biden seems unconcerned: Which will mean the next attack will be bigger. 

What will The Colonial Pipeline gas shortage mean to you? 

Higher prices and more: Do you remember Carters’ gas-lines?

If Biden does not move quickly and effectively to resolve the effects of this cyber attack Biden and Carter will have another similarity:

Biden will have higher gas prices combined with gas-lines too, to add to his quickly failing resume.

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