Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Workers? Where Are They?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: No Workers? Why?

Frank Marchant;

Business owners say, “Some would-be workers are worried about catching COVID-19 or prefer to live off unemployment benefits that are significantly higher amid the pandemic.”

NPR recently reported  on this problem above:

Child care is another issue — parents aren’t able to work when they need to tend to or home-school their children. For some people, a combination of factors go into their decision not to seek work.

“Help Wanted” signs are posted in front of a businesses across the country. Although millions are unemployed, some businesses requiring on-site workers are struggling to find employees.

At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed, businessman Bill Martin has a head-scratching problem: He’s got plenty of jobs but few people willing to take them.

“I keep hearing about all the unemployed people,” Martin says. “I certainly can’t find any of those folks.”

Data from the Labor Department this month, for example, showed job openings at a five-month high. Meanwhile, job search site Indeed said recently that job postings are back to pre-pandemic levels.

The problem is that a lot of those openings are in industries that require in-person work, like construction, delivery services or warehousing — exactly the types of jobs now being shunned by many Americans in the midst of a fearful pandemic.

Could it be the government is competing with business by paying employees to stay home? Has the government inadvertently caused thousands of businesses to close by competing for employees businesses need to stay open?

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