Ivy League Professor: “Teaching Identity Politics is ‘Criminal Abdication’ of Teachers’ Responsibilities”

"To Teach Young People, 'They Are The Color Of Their Skin', Is Criminal"

Ivy League economics professor  Glenn Loury,  host of video blog The Glenn Show, blasted the teaching of identity politics in higher education:

Loury: “To teach young people that they are this [the color of their skin] is criminal in my opinion, We’re to challenge them!” 
“They [students] come in telling me that they’re this [the color of their skin] or that they’re their genitalia,” he said. “That’s how they get to me at 18 years old. They think they are these things.”
“They haven’t read anything,” he said. “They haven’t been anywhere. They haven’t done anything.”
“I’m a teacher,” he said. “My job is not to reaffirm them in their preconceptions. It’s to challenge them to outgrow them — their preconceptions.”
“We’re entrusted to shepherd young minds into their maturity,” he said. 
“To jump on a bandwagon and to fill their heads with slogans rather than challenge them with the best that human beings of any color have thought through the ages, is a criminal abdication,” he cautioned.  

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