Another Face Book User, “Blacklisted” 3.5 Billion See Only What He Says They Can See

3.5 Billion See Only What He Allows Them To See: Another Facebook Censor: FB Permanently Blacklists "LifeSite News"

Via LifeSite News:

In a quick series of notices and emails to LifeSiteNews’ marketing department, Facebook delivered the shocking news, accusing LifeSite of publishing “false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm.”

Facebook also said that they deplatform Facebook pages that publish “vaccine discouraging information on the platform.”

Facebook cited an article posted on April 10, 2021, headlined “COVID vaccines can be deadly for some.

“Much like when LifeSite was removed from YouTube, this comes with little surprise,” noted LifeSiteNews Marketing Director Rebekah Roberts. “We have known this day was coming for months now.”

No One Voted For Facebook To Be: “The Gateway God Of Online Communication.”

For 3.5 Billion People Zuckerburg Decides:

What Is Allowed To Be Said:
What Is  Allowed To Be Seen:
What Is Suitable For Commerce:
What Group(s) Are Allowed to Assemble And  Converse:
Zuckerburg: Is Far Richer Than Was Englands King George: 
More Powerful Controlling The Speech Of The Masses Than Was The Soviet Union. 
And Just As Disrespectful Of  The Right To, “Think Differently Than Does He”.
Facebook Routinely Shreds The Right of, “Free Speech.” This Must Stop: The Users Of This Platform Deserve Better Than To Have One “Totalitarian Voice” In Control Of It’s 3.5 Billion Users.
Enough Is Enough, If You Agree: Sign The Petition Below: If Not, Expect More Of The Same:
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