Vaccination Mandatory For of All Military Personnel Despite Reports of Numerous Vaccine Related Deaths and Low Vaccine Efficacy

Chinese Authorities Have Ordered All Members Of Military To Be Vaccinated

Chinese Vaccine Given Multiple Negative Reviews

Reports of numerous deaths caused by Chinese vaccines in Hong Kong and the mainland. Chinese authorities have ordered all members of the military to be vaccinated.
For now the death of a Chinese soldier who received China’s Sinovac vaccine, and other vaccine related death cases, are being discussed on Chinese social media.

On April 15,  Username “Wild Foothill Flowers,” said her brother, a soldier, died after receiving the Sinovac vaccine.

My brother was a 28-year-old soldier with no medical history. The troop arranged for everyone to receive the Sinovac inactivated vaccine produced in Beijing. The first dose was given on Jan. 11. The second dose was given on Feb. 8, at Shenzhen Binhe Avenue Women’s and Children’s Social Health Center.”

“My brother developed fatigue, subcutaneous bleeding, and bleeding gums. On March 24, he had a headache and was hospitalized after a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. He died on April 15, and the doctor diagnosed the death as “cerebral hemorrhage caused by severe aplastic anemia.”

“Why does vaccination cause aplastic anemia?” the woman asked.

“Wild Foothill Flowers said she was “threatened” to delete her post. Later the same day, she said she had received calls from the head of her brother’s office as well as the Futian Health Bureau, asking her “to be aware of the impact.” Two days later, on April 17, all of her posts about the incident were deleted”, but screenshots had already been shared on overseas social media.

A Korean living in Shanghai died three days after getting the Sinovac vaccine.

 The report said the woman was in her 40s and had no underlying medical conditions.

Chinese Authorities Suppress Chinese Vaccine Death Reports

As of April 20, 15 deaths from the Sinovac vaccine were reported in Hong Kong, a city of about 7 million people, according to an Epoch Times tally. However, mainland China, with a population of 1.4 billion, has not reported a single domestic vaccine related case resulting in severe symptoms or death.

A woman from Penglai City, Shandong Province, with the surname Tang, told NTD that there have been a number of vaccine injury cases in China. But related information has been suppressed by the authorities in such a timely manner that not even medical staff have had a chance to learn about them. Only family members know about them, she said.

According to Tang, The CCP handles the epidemic and vaccine-related matters in a “confidential” manner. If a person is brought to the hospital because of a vaccine injury, the hospital will immediately send special personnel to deal with it. These things are hidden from the common people, Tang said.

Still, there are some cases that have been spread through overseas social media or citizens media. For example, on March 27, a netizen posted on Twitter that a worker at a Beijing Sany Heavy Industry workshop was given the Sinovac vaccine on March 21 and died on March 23.

Another netizen said, a person from Tianjin No. 1 Hospital died suddenly two days after receiving the vaccine.

Sound of Hope Radio received a report on April 14 from a mainland Chinese saying that at the end of March, Wang Dajun, a 43-year-old villager from Dalian City, Liaoning Province, died the same day he had been vaccinated. Family members contacted the authorities, who promptly blocked the information.

As of April 18, 192 million doses of vaccine were administered in mainland China, according to China’s National Health Commission. It’s unclear how many people have developed abnormal symptoms because Chinese authorities have been clamping down on this type of information and cracking down on “leakers.” For example, on April 20, the Weibo account “Nanjing Internet Police Patrol and Law Enforcement” revealed that Pan, a netizen in Nanjing City, had been detained for 7 days for posting comments on a short video platform about vaccines killing people.


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