Portland Rioters Smash Windows at Starbucks, Attack Police Officer…

Andy Ngô - “I’ll f—ng spit on you right now, bitch!” Portland BLM-antifa protesters yell at police

Portland: Rioters Smash Windows at Starbucks, Attack Police Officer

Antifa violence continues in Portland an officer  wheeling his bike on the sidewalk when a person stepped in his path. The sergeant moved the person aside and was decked in the head.

“The sergeant landed in a dangerous position, underneath the suspect and on his back. That’s when other officers moved in to stop the assault. In response to the violent conduct, some focused blows were used. Pepper spray was also deployed by an officer. After the suspect was handcuffed, officers rendered aid to help alleviate the effects of the pepper spray,” the Portland Police Bureau said in an incident summary.

The suspect was arrested and identified as Randy Gray, 36. He was charged with assaulting an officer, among other charges. Gray could not be reached for comment.

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