“Dems Planning To Increase The Supreme Court To 13”. According To Three Informed Sources: Dems Plan To Expand The Size Of Supreme Court To 13.

Congressional Dems plan to announce legislation that will expand the size of the Supreme Court according to three congressional sources.

The Intercept reported Wed. evening:

The bill is led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, Subcommittee chair Hank Johnson, and freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones.

In the Senate, the bill is being championed by Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

Democrats will reportedly unveil a bill Today to expand the  Supreme Court by eencreasing the number of justices from nine to thirteen, (four new vacancies) to be filled immediately by President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Less than a week after President Biden signed an executive order creating a commission to study whether the Supreme Court should be expanded.

The commission has apparently decided to hurry the process and rush it though while they have the votes to do it.

Headed by partisan Democrats. Left-wing Democrats warn the commission could be used to slow or even stop their  planned changes rather than advancing them.

 after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018 Democrats began talking about packing the Supreme Court. During his presidential campaign Biden  dismissed the idea, but moved to the left on the issue, as he did on many others.

He declined to state his position until late in the presidential campaign, When Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmation of Justice he proposed the commission.

 Justices would gain a nominal 7-6 majority by expanding the court to 13. Congress by law can change the size of the Supreme Court without a constitutional amendment, though the last president who tried to pack the Supreme Court, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was opposed by his own party.

Described as a crude power grab  by historians— but one that ultimately convinced the Court to stop striking down his New Deal legislation and to allow government powers to grow.

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