COVID Infections Increasing, Highest Since February: 500,000 NEW CASES Reported last week: Despite 50% Of Population Vaccinated:

Despite nearly 50% of the population getting vaccinated 50% of states see COVID infections rise: Nearly 500,000 people catch virus in last week - the highest rate since February

Weekly totals of coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States are continuing to rise despite the mass vaccination campaign picking up speed.

Over the last seven days, the nation has reported 498,637 new infections, which is the highest weekly total recorded since February 26.

It also represents a 10 percent spike in the weekly totals, from 453,116 last week, a analysis of Johns Hopkins data shows, despite nearly 50 percent of the population receiving one shot or being fully vaccinated.

Last week, 6,910 COVID-19 fatalities were reported, an increase of 25% over 5,527 deaths recorded last week.

On Tuesday, the U.S. recorded 77,878 new infections with a seven-day average of 71,234, the highest figure seen since February 26.  

Even though the figure is below January’s peak of about 247,000 average new cases, it has surpassed the late July increase, daily cases were averaging about 68,000.    

Just 913 coronavirus deaths were reported on Monday, higher than the day before also marks the fifth-straight day in a row deaths have been below 1,000. 

Covid cases surge in 25 states – including Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Illinois –  and Michigan records its second-highest number of infections in a single day.

Since the pandemic began, more than 31.1 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 562,000 have died.  

According to the (CDC), 122.2 million Americans – or 36.8 percent of the population – have received at least one dose and 75 million Americans – or 22.7 percent – are fully immunized.

Currently, NH is best when it comes to the percentage of residents who have received a least one dose with 53.3 percent doing so, according to CDC and Bloomberg data.

Out of the top 10, five states – Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Pennsylvania – are all seeing rises in COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, Mississippi is doing the worst with just 28.1 percent of adults receiving at least one, the analysis shows.

Five states in the bottom 10 are also experiencing an increase in cases: Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana and Wyoming 

Of the 10 states noted with increasing cases, seven of them report high rates of the UK variant, known as B.1.1.7..  

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    Can you cite sources on this info?.. possibly hyperlink them to the claims? Not doubting you on this I just think it’s important if you want to be taken more seriously than a tabloid.

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      Joseph, Of course you are correct: In the future I will certainly do that, Thank you for reading and for your input.


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