BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Madoff dies in prison aged 82

Bernie Madoff Dies In Federal Prison Age 82

Bernie Madoff dies at age 82: in federal prison.  The Mastermind behind largest Ponzi scheme in US history dies’ from natural causes’ 12 years into 150-year sentence

According to sources cited by The Associated Press.

The disgraced financier died on Wednesday morning from natural causes. Last June, he asked for compassionate release claiming he was dying from kidney disease. 

Targeting 37,000, Madoff is the most prolific Ponzi scheme scammer in American history investors in 136 countries over several decades were robbed by his scheme of billions of dollars.

He robbed victims of $64.8 billion, taking one’s money to pay off the other and fake investments, for years before finally being arrested in 2008. committed suicide two years after his arrest, and his other died from lymphoma. Ruth, Madoffs’ wife, moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, after his arrest.  


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