This New Pentagon Break Thru Will End Of All Future Pandemics

This NEW Pentagon Break Thru Will End Future Pandemics

From 60 Minutes:

Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood

Pentagon scientists working inside a secretive unit set up at the height of the Cold War have created a microchip to be inserted under the skin, which will detect COVID-19 infection, and a revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the blood when attached to a dialysis machine.

The team at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have been working for years on preventing and ending pandemics.

  • Scientists at the Pentagon’s secretive unit are researching viruses and developing pandemic cures 
  • They work at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other Pentagon laboratories
  • DARPA’s teams saw COVID-19 infected 1,271 onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt as the virus spread unchecked
  • In response they have developed a microchip to detect asymptomatic COVID in a bid to prevent an outbreak
  • The chip is inserted below skin and triggers a sensor if COVID infects the body 
  • DARPA have also created a filter which can remove COVID virus from the blood when attached to dialysis
  • They are working on a vaccine that would work against all coronaviruses, even ones not yet identified
  • The team also successfully manufactured antibodies against Spanish Flu 
From The Daily Mail
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2 thoughts on “This New Pentagon Break Thru Will End Of All Future Pandemics

  • April 12, 2021 at 10:08 am

    The Mark of the Beast revealed. Only fools and the soulless blind will accept or believe this deception.
    Pray that God will open your eyes to the only Truth!

  • April 12, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    That news in the micro chip is simply a smokescreen for the already completed microchip that will be in the Second or third (There will be a third) Covid vaccine. The smokescreen is set up just to give the general population the idea that this micro chipped is simply to deal with viruses and work solely on defeating them. To try and give people the idea or the concept that I microchip is OK. But the microchip that will be implemented in the Covid vaccines already established will be a genetic modification and it will be something that will be controlled entirely from a central planning type agency through the 5G network. It will be literally on real time And will be used for that manipulation and essentially full control of people from the inside out. There has been so much so-called “conspiracy theories“ on such a microchip that they have to somehow spin the main stream news into thinking that this trip will be a good idea and for health purposes only. Saw this article is simply the start of the propaganda to try and get the general population to think to the chip will be beneficial to them.


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